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FRIEND-Water P3 Workshop/training series - Session 6 "Large-sample hydrology: learning from hundreds to thousands of catchments"
Large-sample hydrology: learning from hundreds to thousands of catchments [Dr N Addor; University of Exeter and Fathom, UK]

The past decade has seen the release of several large-sample hydrology (LSH) datasets. These datasets made publicly available an easy-to-use combination of high-quality hydroclimatic time series (atmospheric and river flow data) plus biogeophysical attributes (e.g. topography, land cover, soil, geology and level of human interventions) for large samples (typically hundreds) of catchments. These LSH datasets have been widely adopted in academia and in industry, enabling the systematic exploration of hydrological processes across hydroclimatic regions, the benchmarking of hydrological models, and they have accelerated the emergence of machine learning approaches for hydrology.

In this talk, I will review recent progress in the growing field of LSH, highlight existing challenges faced by LSH, and introduce an initiative bringing together regional LSH datasets to create a global community LSH dataset on the cloud.

Reference: Addor et al. (2020), Large-sample hydrology: recent progress, guidelines for new datasets and grand challenges, Hydrological Sciences Journal,

Oct 12, 2022 03:00 PM in London

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